Supported by Radio FG, Tocadisco, Slam, Silicone Soul, Richie Hawtin,UMEK, Marco Carola, Joseph Capriati, Just Be, Danny Tenaglia DJ and many more!

After nailing their maiden release on the label with ‘Ultimatum’, Diction return to Death Proof. This time they’ve even more beastial bass-laden, bigroom techno. It’s clear these gents are going from strength to strength in their sound. Lead number ‘Been A While’ epitomises their sound, groove laden and dark it drives along with edgy de-tuned synth stabs and glitched but well timed fx and subtle vocals. Whereas ‘Spektral’ brings a much more direct yet punchy approach, more throbbing bass presides and well worked automation lets this gargantuan effort build and build to drop into ethereal key stabs!

On remix duties, we see a visit from Australia’s finest Matt Goddard who comes in with an undeniably industrial take on ‘Been A While’! Concrete kicks and sharp rides force under a grinding bass whilst the grotesque distorted synths reverberate around the track. And the unmistakable techno sound of Brazilian bomb Kleber comes driving in with his typicable shuffle laden 4/4; his drumlines are as tight as ever and the depth and width in his synth and bass work are undeniably prevalent.

We would like to welcome aboard a new artist to Death Proof, who goes by the name of Heathcliff Town; the French producer has us very excited about releasing his work. His first outing is in the shape of ‘Wheel Of Chance’, holding a funked-out yet moody tech-house groove, it’s subtly laced with an unmistakable vocal and growling synth and bass work. His second offering is the moodier and much more subtler ‘Silent Ghost’, which contains beautiful keys, pads, bass and sultry vocal stabs!

One of Bristol’s finest underground exports, Ben Remember, steps up first on the remixes. After recently remixing the legendary Eddie Amador, we consider his visit to DPR as a bit of a coup; he keeps the growl of the original but injects some serious jacking house tendencies to his efforts. Up next steps Parcel, one of DPR’s men of the moment, whose work is heralded by the likes of Maya Jane Coles. His take provides a truly warm and enthralling mood on proceedings; dubbed out deepness aplenty. And new acquisitions Goule go as dark and spectral as their name sake on their ambitious techno offering. Slowly growing like the proverbial oak it sets out to be, it soon becomes a remix of truly awesome size, building and developing into a true techno onslaught!

Eindhoven techno resident Mozaiek has been making waves in his home city for some time, but his approach on producing techno is quickly making fans further afield too. Sore Spot embraces the traditional techno toolkit, raw and stripped back, its stark minimalism allows each element to breathe, the warm bass and callous kick drive the track along whilst the exiguous fx and synths stab away.

Envelope is undeniably techno in its tempo and structure, the crackling detuned synth leads whilst sparse percussion takes us through epochal yet eerie drops.
Texture’s warm emotive synth sets the tone perfectly in this piece, a thumping kick dictates whilst his typically edgy glitch effects stab and build through a wonderful sea of noise.

Support from Just Be (Bushwacka), The Advent, Mark Knight, MaximeDangles and more

Dutch duo Diction are undeniably designated for the big room, taking their education from the legendary Awakenings festival which always comprises of the elite big room techno DJs that they idolise! The guys monstrously powerful techno eminates groove and understanding for a huge space and crowd! This is evident in the title track ‘Ultimatum’, huge rolling drums and bass are encompassed by a nod-to-the-90’s synth stab, crystalesque ambience and an impatient female vocal! Their second track ‘General Store’ goes even darker, a grotesquely huge drumline is yet again surrounded by well laid out stabs, low-octaved vocals and atmospherics and their thoughtfulness in the breakdowns leaves you clucking for that drop!

On remix duties we think we’ve done the Diction boys justice with two recent heavyweights of techno! Manchester’s Nik Feral [1605/MUM] turns in what he’s becoming renowned for, a clinically sharp thumper! Maintaining the power in the drumline he’s sympathetically structured a minimal perc line and washed that 90’s-esque synth and vocal subtly through enigmatic drops! And London local Chicago Loop [Respekt/Keep On Techno] brings even more drive and roll to his offering. A solid clap-and-slap flows throughout with bass that thuds under a thrusting restructuring of the synth line, whilst a delayed re-use of the vocals dictates throughout. Good luck on choosing your favourite!

Support from Andreas Henneberg / The Glitz, Tomy DeClerque, Terry Francis, Spartaque, Dandi & Ugo…

Barcelona residents, Uwe & Scarhand, have been a firm part of the Catalan city’s underground for over 13 years, playing countless techno parties to hot-blooded Spaniards and party-goers alike! Now their production efforts come to the fore in the shape of this stunning EP, which is the epitome of dark funk and low-slung minimal techno.

Lead track ‘It Works’ oozes murk and minimal, it brings a punchy drumline with warm detuned bass, muttering stabby vocals, glitchy synths and coarse distant noises! ‘Enterprise’ holds the tightest of grooves; filtered toms, rolling warm bass, expansive pads, percs and 909 claps spike throughtout wth a low growling vocal appearing from the far corners of the track. And ‘Dub Voices’ ties the proverbial bow in the package perfectly; the tale is in the title here, warped dub-laden bass takes over this minimal effort, allowing just enough growl in the undercurrent of the track to make the lip turn and the odd yet ever-so-addictive rising lfo’d vocal takes you under it’s spell perfectly.

Support from Maya Jane Coles, Alex Attias Music Productions and Marc DePulse.

LA native Tarek Nasr, has tried almost every avenue of music, from rock bands, which seen him get major airplay on the legendary KCRW and sat pretty in their Top Ten EP’s for 2010, to collaborative electronic acts which supported the likes of LA Riots and Designer Drugs. He’s jumped from genre to genre trying to find that happy medium for himself. Well under his new guise, Parcel, we think he’s found his calling.

This much more personal, mature sound delves into the deep, emotive house expanse where he’s brought in the beautiful tones of Amber Jade on lead track ‘Viable’. The heart-wrenching, Moloko-esque, vocals lay perfectly over a sublime pad & synth laden piece of 4/4.

Track two on the release, ‘Over It’, sees another stunning slab of thought-provoking house, with the octaves taken down on a druggy growl of a vocal, it intertwines amongst warm bass and wistfully slow synths, that wash amongst a chunky midrange and drumline.

Remix duties come in the shape of One Six, better known as house stalwart Stupid Fresh. One Six brings a bit more jack to the party, utlising the originals vocal and synths whilst introducing his own tangent to a bit of 90’s tinged, fingers-to-the-air house.

And in keeping with the ‘finding-ones-self’ of this release, Frenchman Heathcliff Town, aka broken-beatsmith Black Sushi, provides us with yet another wonderfully done remix. Tech House presides on this effort; groove-laden and shuffling through-out, he’s intricately chopped the vocal and allowed the track to progress into a truly memorable low-slung affair!

Support from: DJ Mag, Hans Bouffmyhre, Marco Carola, Paco Osuna, Locomatica…

Nearly 5 years hiding behind many collaborative aliases has borne many fruits for Death Proof Recordings co-owner Paul Blandford. Under the most successful guise, as one half of The Omega Men, he encountered international success, with support from the likes of Laurent Garnier, Japanese Popstars and Marco Bailey. But with a new year ahead a new approach has been taken, to ply his own personal sound.

Paul’s introductory ‘Darkforme EP’ brings techno in 3 significantly differing forms, encompassing his vast tastes. Lead track ‘Haunch’ is a direct and dub-laden affair. Concrete kicks and warm, wrasping bass envelope a dramatic, emotive synth line, tense vocals and crystalesque rides, whilst dropping in and out of impatient breakdowns.

‘All In Your Head’ is the other end of the spectrum where groove presides. An atmospheric, greyscale synth and expansive popping clicks leads a muscular drumline with disjointed claps and snares all leading to a hefty breakdown where a dictating vocal takes over your cranium.

And to finish ‘Manoeuvre’ brings some organic keys to proceedings, a stunning loop of the ivories washes between exacting percussion, finding its way into submerged glowing synths for a momentous end to the piece.

The progression is clear, our third year has seen us work with some of the true highlights in the underground, releasing exclusive material from seasoned artists, enigmatic new-bloods and having their work remixed by some undeniably talented producers from an extensive amount of genres. This collection showcases some of the momentous pieces of 2013 on Death Proof Recordings. With new fans of our work in the shape of Mark Knight, Slam, Dubfire, Harvey Mckay, Nicole Moudaber, Danny Tenaglia, Umek, Peter Kruder to countless praise from Mixmag, DJ Mag and BBC Radio 1 (Annie Nightingale, Kissy Sell Out) and a Trackitdown #1, our only other request would be to listen to the other tracks that these accompanied over the past year, to hear the real calibre of what our label is providing. From ferocious, rawkous techno to inspiriting, intoxicating house & electronica. An undeniably broad spectrum of sound awaits! Keep It Death Proof.

Juno | Trackitdown 

Support From: Harvey McKay, Sasha Carassi, Chris Lake, Markantonio, Umek…

One of our most successful releases to date and also one of our most recent, Mon Basarras Three Way has proven our work is certainly hitting the right notes and with acclaim from Peter Kruder (& Dorfmeister), Slam, Marco Bailey and BBC Radio 1 it’s certainly ticking the elites boxes! With the original EP having such strength in depth, it seemed rude to swamp it with remixes, especially of this calibre.

So we hope youre ready for this collection from 3 of the most renowned names in the underground: Brisker & Magitman, Akasha FX and Solid Snake! All 3 come in with undeniably large remixes which are totally unique slants on the originals. Israeli natives Brisker & Magitmans take epitomises techno, maintaining the funk from Mons New Duck Tues; theyve shook things up with a huge bassline, frenetic drums and brought that beautiful vocal to life!

Bristols Akasha FXs thoughts have gone the other end of the techno spectrum: for his rethink of South Place hes introduced some mood-laden dubbiness with some monumental drum and bass work, a world away from the original. And to finish, Swedens own Solid Snake provide us with a seriously low slung slab of tech-house bringing the sultriness out of New Duck Tues, shape-shifting the original’s groove and voluminous bassline for a slick, stab-enduced joint!

In 2012 we released a compilation with the intent of introducing new exciting talents to the world, in the shape of PROSPECTS, where genre specifics were thrown to the side and we let these artists run free. This release proved to be a real highlight of our imprint, showing that it isnt all about the big guns, and that we have some extremely talented new-bloods hidden away in the enclaves of the underground. Such is that some of these artists are now taking those huge strides into the burgeoning dance music scene. This new remix collection though, has allowed us to not only introduce some more to the faction, but give the originals a 2013 twist.

LA native Parcel introduces even more composure and love to Timakz & Stabfingers Sunset. Scandinavian broken-beatsmith Johan Soh takes Benjamin Vial & ACFs La Forme Et Le Fond into Interstellar territories with a sublime piece of Electronica. Circuit Freq & Benjamin Vials electro-techno beast Pleasure Scanner, gets the funk over from Denver sound-psychonaut Seth Orin. Steve Abrahams dirty & direct techno number T-Time gets the Ettica treatment, think Basement Jaxxs 90s slutty party vibes from the off. Label co-owner Benjamin Vial brings his well-educated talents to Grand Centrals Psychic Ecstatic with some more trippy hedonism akin to acid-enduced Hendrix days.

And Benjamin Vial & ACFs La Forme Et Le Fond receives another strip down from Death Proof cohort Paul Blandford with a slice of dusky and direct techno. And to bring the collection home, Eindhovens Guido Van Santen flips Distn & eMKas minimal brute Dystopia on its head for a low-slung tech-house affair.